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Throughout the developing world of e-learning, Take 2 Studios is rapidly becoming first choice for quality, cost-effective audio production.

We’ve recorded literally 1000s of e-learning projects... from university level maths, biology and chemistry, to history, English and geography for foreign students... from insurance induction courses to narrations for the British Government.

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But what makes Take 2 so special?

Only the best voices

Voices who 'engage' their brains to understand the material they’re narrating.

Male and female voices

Access to a large stable of male and female voices specialised in e-learning narration.

Audio quality

Consistent, pristine audio quality using state of the art studio equipment.

Fast, world-wide delivery

Fast, world-wide delivery in either .wav, or high resolution .mp3 formats.

Individually coded files

Provision of individually coded files where required.

Cost effective

Extremely cost-effective rates

From voice only to full-blown production with sound effects, musical idents, and access to a huge library of production music.

The difference between good and bad e-learning audio is like the difference

between a good and bad teacher


We have been using Take 2 Studios for over 15 years now for voiceover work in our elearning solutions. I couldn’t speak highly enough about the services they provide. They work with a variety of voiceover artists who are extremely professional and our clients are always impressed by the quality of the work. Les and Ian have always been so helpful and responsive to any queries or requests we have. The work is always delivered extremely promptly and in a format which makes it easy to work with. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands working with Take 2. We have never needed to look elsewhere.
Paul Kelly
Creative eLearning Solutions Ltd
Take2Studios are a fantastic studio. We've used them multiple times for a variety of recordings. Ian and Les are incredibly responsive and bend over backwards to meet our deadlines. The Voiceover talent are great and always deliver what we need.
Ed Pegg
Good eLearning
An impeccable service and friendly people; Take 2 have delivered on time, every time!
Adam Harper
ILX Group plc

ILX Group have been working with Take 2 Studios for longer than I can remember, but certainly longer that 15 years. This in itself will probably provide potential customers with an idea that we are a happy customer. Ian and the team have recorded literally thousands of clips for our eLearning business. The audio is of the highest quality and files are always delivered in a timely manner.

I hope that Take 2 Studios will remain a key supplier to ILX Group for years to come.

Glyn Davies
ILX Group

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